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samedi 19 mai 2012

I swim, therefore I am.

One. Two. Three. Four strokes. Blow. The mark in the bottom of the swimming pool. Breathe. stretch out the arm. Look at the entering in the water. Break the elbow. Push. One. Two. Three. Four strokes. Blow. The mark is a little to far, I have to stretch out the arm more.

When you have to swim for 2,5km equal to 50 roundtrips, 100 lengths (!!!), you have time to thing about anything else. Still almost? Because swimming is boring as hell as you have contantly to look at what you do in order to sped up in the most effective way. The main objective is that the session last the least time possible. More, swimming pool are built with a slope. As you go it is going down and quick. For the return it is going up. I even suspect that there is a current against you.

One. Two. Three. Four strokes. Blow. The mark in the bottom of the swimming pool. Breathe. The wall is coming. Stop the stroke. Knock over. Fold down the legs. Lean on the wall. Push.

A good thing at the swimming pool: nobody can cheat. When you are young, you have a tendency to compare length and girth of the willies. As you grow old, you look at who is the one with the bigger belly. The smallest fold is instantly remarked by the ones whom regularly swim with you. It is simple you can hide to your wife for a while that you ate too much pizzas but not to the swimmers. Under the water, we can see that the push of Archimède does well its job. There is always, naturally this hateful race of persons who, whatever they gulp down, remain thin and show boldly their flat stomach.

One. Two. Three, four movements. Blow. The mark at the bottom of the swimming pool. Inhale(breathe). Stretch out the arm. Look at the entering in the water. Break the elbow. Push. How much do I have done? 350 or 400? I do not remember any more. According to the fatigue I choose the one or the other one.

The plague are palm-kernels. I do not speak about those who use mini-palms to make fundamental exercices. It is the others, those who have big palms and who take the water line as if they were alone. Palm-kernels are the drivers of 4X4 for swimming pools.
After there is the average swimmer who does not look behind him when he arrives at the wall and who swerves while you are doubling him. I gave the piece of advice to glance behind her at a small lady who had got away from me twice. I did not understand her wrinkled glance because I had no intention to be aggressive. When she restarted her lengthes, another swimmer says to me: " you know whom it is? ", "No", " it is the woman of whom the husband in tried to kill her. She swims now with only one lung ". A triton passes.
The worst cases are the grandpa or the grandma who did not understand that lines are reserved for good swimmers. The result is numerous collisions because they do not respect the sense of swimming until a MNS comes to suggest to him or her to go to swim farther.

One. Two. Three. Four strokes. Blow. The mark is too far. Breathe. I thought that I pushed always with the same intensity but my swimming is less and less efficient.

I swim with Jean, age 62, who is 3 km by session. It can seem a lot but, in fact, until few, he made the same distance in 2 sessions. He does not make more than a session since the change of agent which won the DSP (Delegation of Public service). It is necessary to know that local authorities want less and less to take care of public services. The neoliberalism gangrened the spirits and people want to pay only for what they consume. So the non-swimmers do not want to pay for the swimmers, the non-football players do not want to pay for the football players, etc. …
Local authorities are generally owners of equipments. They delegate the exploitation of equipments to private companies. They assign a fee to the agents. In the small brain of the elected representatives in charge of the call for tenders what matters it is that the royalty is the lowest possible. This nearsighted management of the public money lead to the doubling rates in particular for those who come regularly, dismissals, colder water, problems of opening (not enough chlorine, a single maitre-swimmer). What there is of fuming it is the contempt of which shows the elected representatives in charge of the case. You ask them questions and they send dismiss you on the agent who is in his logic. These high noses sirs or ladies, who requested our vote, ignore their citizens once elected representative.

One. Two. Three. Four strokes. Blow. The mark in the bottom of the swimming pool. Breathe. stretch out the arm. Look at the entering in the water. Break the elbow. Push. Hey, a guy doing split exercices. I will try to follow him.

There are two type of swimmers. There is the good swimmers and the bad swimmers. The good swimmers swim and the bad ones … euh … swim too. But they are bad swimmers.
I can't do any activity without keeping a competitive spirit. When I see a swimmer on the neighboring line which is doubling me. I want to follow him. The problem is that I swim long distance thus I have already exceeded 1 000m while the other one makes series of 100 m full speed (that is the split session). If we add the fact that the competitive swimmer is 30 years old less than I and is a real swimmer, I finish to run after my youth before running after my breath. In that case there, I do not feel any more my shoulder (what is a funny expression to say) meaning that I feel only the pain in the shoulder. Once, I managed to resist. It gave me a big blow of pride and three weeks of stop to recover.

The last one fifty meters. I give all I have of remaining strength that is not very much. I may accelerate, inhale once every eight beatings, I have the impression to stand still. The wall seems to move back as I move forward. My heart will finish before me as it seems to want to go out of my mouth. The slope of the pool became more marked; it makes at least of the 10 %. One. Two. Three. Four movements. I touch the wall. It is finished … until the next session in two days.

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