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dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Are you smart ? The summer quizz

Summer is a good period for games and quizzes. When you answer to one of them, you know if you are the ideal lover or a specialist of Thai food.
That's why I decided to submit the following quiz. You can answer either on the beach under the sun is at home if it rains. This quiz will be able to determine whether you are worthy of joining the Mensa or if you only have a few neurons to roast on the beach.

1. In the phylogenetic tree macroviruses are placed between archaeas and eukaryotes
A. The reproduction process of macrovirus is closer to the one of normal cells than the regular viruses;
B. Macroviruses are viruses programmed with Excel macros
C. This is not Judas Eukaryote whom denounced Jesus?
D. I do not know

2. My Hammerdin has difficulty in Act IV Hell because of lack of res solo P8
A. My Paladin specialized Blessed Hammer has difficulties to progress level Hell  playing P8 because of a lack of resistance
B. I like Diablo 3
C. In the army I was reformed  P4 so P8 it must be damn reached
D. I do not know

3. Policy on dependency will take its full measure despite a tense
A. Policy to help the elderly will not have the financial resources originally planned
B. We will do a study to measure the elasticity between the age of the elderly and their cholesterol level
C. I'll take grandma to the nursing home
D. I do not know

4.Taking a compact manifold V simply connected 3-dimensional, without boundary. Then V is homeomorphic to a hypersphere of dimension 3.
A. The objects of the same dimensions without holes can be transformed in the same form of the same dimensions (Poincaré conjecture)
B. 3D movies are more spectacular in domes cinema
C. Me and the music variety
D. I do not know

5. Megatak is one of the victims of the Scourge of the Underworld
A. Enemy of Thor with his powers coming from video games, Gregory Nettles was killed by the killer of villains disguised as homeless
B. Megatak is a giant always saying thank you. Tak means thank you in Danish.
C. Megatak is the victim of the attack on the Giant Pumpkins of the Interior World , famous Z movie.
D. I do not know

6. When the switch opens the sudden change in flow ensuing product of self-induction current picked up by a small capacitor and especially a current induced in the secondary high voltage, of the order of 20 000 volts which is driven of the coil, to the distributor cap and to one of the candles, where the spark causes the explosion of the fuel mixture present in the cylinder.
A. In an internal combustion engine, the Delco's head is the ignition device.
B. Do not tamper with electric arcs and use candles in case of power failure
C. When there are two switches, each co-breakers trying to provoke an explosion of violence (in french co-breakers is co-rupter so corrupters trying to provoke …)
D. I do not know

7. The cuttings are made by cellular dedifferentiation of the meristem
A. The tissue where cell division takes place back to its primary state to give a new body
B. I take yje cutting of my flowers shaped in crowns using the stone because the stone of the crown. ( Again a french game word between stone of the crown and jewel of the crown)
C. Take of cuttings and back aching are the two parts of gardening.
D. I do not know

8. Bazinga
A. Equivalent to "this is a joke" uttered by Sheldon Cooper in the series The Big Bang Theory
B. This is the sound of the Big Bang
C. I liked the novel "Viper in the Fist" from the guy Bazin (gars is guy in french)
D. I do not know

Count the number of response by letter. Go to the next line to find out your profile.

You have a maximum of A
You are a genius .... or insane

You have a maximum of B
You try to pretend that you know something but you do not know more than others

You have a maximum of C.
You are normal

You have a maximum of D
I do not know.

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