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dimanche 3 juin 2012

The good excuses from the late blogger

It has been a while that I didn't write an article on my blog. I have good reasons. Here are a few :
- my cartrige pen was out of ink
- I was on the phone
- I didn't have coins anymore. The call has been cut off.
- electricity has been shut down because coming from nuclear power (area held by ecologists)
- I had a chainsaw accident and my two hands were cut
- my computer felt accidentally in the toilets
- I've been abducted by aliens friends of Cheminade (french presidency candidate whom believe than futur is in Mars)
- I've been called by the Avengers
- I've been lost in the CERN's LHC and collided with a Higgs Boson (cranial trauma)
- I've just given birth
- I had been called to replace Tony Parker beside Eva Longoria
- I felt in a parallel universe while studying string theory
- I flirted with a Mimivirus (mimi is cute in french)
- I                               .Hey! Somebody can tell me where I am?
- I had breast surgery
- there was a solar flare which prevented any communications
- I went on my dad's row boat to celebrate FH's election (french private joke)
- Diablo III has just been released
- I had to go in a crummy place to throw some ring
- I change of bank
- I am dead.

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