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mercredi 27 juin 2012

When Diablo flirts with Satan

Update 27/02/2015
I surrendered and bought the game. Since I play for hours at this addicting game. I know I am weak but I have accepted the rules. Nevertheless the demonstration below stays right. Every deconnection or difficulty to access to the server remind it to me. 
Diablo is to me the best game still today for me and it lasted for 15 years. 
  Would you agree to buy a car and having to call the DMV each time you use it? Well this is than accept everyone who bought Diablo3. 

I am a big fan of Diablo, but I'm what they call a casual player. I play when I want and for the pleasure of playing. Which does not imply that I don't play seriously. I even wrote guidebooks on the leveling of barbarian and zealot posted on the website forum Judgehype under the name of Hogun the grimm. I also made an Excel sheet to manage the 1 700 objects I have collected and put on mules (http:// / personal / I always played solo and I have still fun to ride a hammerdin and have problems to kill Blood Raven in normal P8 with an inventory made from only the drops. 

Like everyone else, I eagerly awaited the release of D3 and my disappointment has been equal to the wait. Not that the new version is bad but, with the new system, the publisher handcuffed to the players. 

To return to my example of the car, players find themselves in the position of an owner of a car wanting to go for a drive and cannot do so because the standard of the DMV is saturated. Some days, because of the telephone company, people should stay home. More, the DMV decides it will put nails on the road for cars to have flat tires more easily and that drivers will have to go buy tires at the DMV's hotel. It also may decide that the value of your car will be halved for resale and the buyer must purchase again a subscription to the special telephone line to call. If you protest, the DMV reserves the right to prevent you from using your car during a time known only to herself for "verification" . 

You can find the exaggerated example and / or argue about the difference between being an owner of furniture and owner of a numeric good. The fact remains that the underlying economic model is perverse and is becoming more widespread. It is addictive to the consumer. These, often without realizing it, is found bound hand and foot to the manufacturer.

 In mathematics, we consider all cases. If we take the hypothesis of a person wanting only Diablo solo (so no surf, have e-mail, ...): the cost of the Diablo is not 60 euros but 60 euros plus the monthly Internet subscription (eg 20 euros). This represents an expenditure of 300 euros the first year and an expenditure of 240 euros per year. After 5 years the game will cost you 1,260 euros. In comparison Diablo2 costed only its purchase price. 

Addendum following discussions on the forum Judgehype. The example above is actually the limit of the function of use. We can understand the reasoning in a simpler way.
Let's set :

- X is the price of software sold
- Y the cost of connection time of use. Y is obtained by multiplying the hourly cost of the subscription (Subscription / Total time use, eg for a 30-day month and average usage of 4 hours / day and 20 euros a subscription to 20/30 x 4 = € 0.17 / hour).
If you want to be complete we can add usage costs including the price of PC, electricity, ... which will be called Z.
For a purchased game without DRM as Diablo 2 you have a cost equal to X + Z
For Diablo 3, you have a cost equal to X + Y + Z
We see immediately that X + Z <X + Y + Z. What can be simplified by eliminating Z so X <X + Y
Therefore the obligation to connect to the Internet is an additional cost (much like the cost of fuel for a car BUT a car can not do without fuel while software can dispense with the DRM).
Second conclusion which goes against the idea that the more you play, the more depreciated the price of the software. It's actually the opposite! The more you use the game more Y increases.

Of course you can love be in a gilded prison. Personally, I prefer to keep the little freedom I have left and do without D3 and so continuing to play D2.

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