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lundi 10 février 2014


The nerd wins against great odds

"Yesssssssssssssss" . After 2 hours of tremendous tension, that is a cry of relief I utter loudly in front of my computer. At last, I won something at the World Cup of Quiz. I thought these two hours would never end.

With a 3 points lead it should be easy to win I thought in the beginning. But it was without taking into account the very powerful english team. At least four mighty opponents. Quick and smart. The game was not over.

One question. I hesitate on the meaning of the question and answer too late. Only two points on advance. An hour and half left. I begin to become paranoid. Why the WCoQ didn't ask questions yesterday during the rugby game of the Calcutta Cup (Could be a question : what is the Calcutta Cup?)? Now during the french game we have questions . Not that I delude myself thinkink that even without the match I would have some support. I am used to it now. I am a one man country.

One question : once again I am really too slow. I am enraged. I can feel the breath of the English on my neck. Why the time is so slow to pass ? I have my eyes upon the clock. I stopped my work and now is only focused on the game. Ouf!!!! An Indian has taken the point away from the English. Perhaps with a little luck I will survive. I am feeling like to be in the skin of Mr Seguin's Goat.

One question :  I write feverishly the answer… fra… Send. I look at the Time line. Yes! I am first. With a little luck there will be less than 5 countries so the English won't have also a point. Yes again.
Now I begin to breath more freely. Only an half an hour left and still a 3 points lead. I should make it.

Last question : one of those I don't like. To finish a sentence with a word. have to google it. Anyway I win so it doesn't matter. I am not the first but my opponent has made a wrong answer. I won with 4 points in advance. The rest is history.

Before these difficult last 2 hours I had to struggle during all week.  Each day passed at waiting for questions. I put two alarms on my iPad and iPhone. When I went down I open Twitter on my wife's computer because it is too slow on the other devices. My wife was feed up to see me bursting out of the table during meals to race to the computer because alarms ringed. Still I had a lot of chance because during the time I could be in front of my computer as for client meetings no question were asked. But had to skip some naps or evenings just to be sure not to miss questions. So it was a tremendous amount of energy spend all along the week. I won't come again on the nonexistent support from other french players. I have a theory that goes beyond the language barrier. I think that, when there is a too strong contestant, people are not amused to play. So I withdraw for some time just to see if other will come to take the relay.

If I look behind I see that what I have done is really exceptional (my ankles are OK thank you). First of all I am the first winner of this contest who is not native english languaged born. If I add that I am from a country which has a bad reputation for knowing foreign language the performance is more extraordinary. Second is that I have done that performance alone or quasi alone. I set a record of 21 points for a week. If we look at the scoreboard of the 2 first week I would rank 3rfd with 32 points.

I was really frustrated with the loss of the final of the last game. Now I am in peace with my mind. I achieve what I wanted and, even if among the french players I am not recognized, I  have earned the respect of my foreign opponents.

If you want to subscribe to the game it is @the_World_Quiz . I dare you!!!

Since I wrote this article, I have left the game because too demanding in energy and time. Still following them in a list but no more direct following and alarms ringing.
My last week (tenure?) has been a little frustating because of the lack of bonus for the first to answer. My stats were: Questions answered = 23 Points earned = 18 First place = 16. It was frustrating to be beaten by players earning points because of 4th place but 10 countries to answer. My brain is at this time a pain in the ass always screaming that it is not fair.

Anyway I am still waiting for somebody to take up the torch. In the mean time the organisers elevated me at the rank of living legend. Feel as I am mummified alive ;-)

2 commentaires:

  1. I say : no one is your equal ;-) Bravo dis donc!! (je ne me risquerai même pas à tenter le jeu et en plus il faut être disponible!! C'est un sacerdoce!!) Congrats!!

    1. Hello, Merci pour le commentaire. Depuis cet article, j'ai "démissionné" du jeu et j'ai été élevé au rang de légende vivante par les organisateurs. Ils m'ont même proposé d'organiser des affrontements entre moi et un pays. Mais j'ai déjà fait cela précédemment avec les Indiens qui étaient les favoris et que j'ai battus à moi tout seul.
      C'est vrai que cela peut être addictif. C'est pourquoi j'ai quitté le jeu comme membre permanent. Hier j'ai pour le fun répondu à 3 questions. J'ai effacé ma 1ère réponse car j'avais répondu par réflexe et que je ne voulais pas replonger. J'aurai eu le point car j'étais 1er à répondre. Dans la soirée j'ai répondu à 2 autres questions. En comptant la 1ère mon bilan hier est questions : 3 , points : 3 , 1ère place : 2 . Aucun joueur n'est capable aujourd'hui de faire cela.
      Ma femme s'en fout royalement car pour elle c'est normal depuis que l'on m'avait imposé des règles spéciales au Trivial Pursuit pour m'éviter de gagner trop vite. C'était de répondre au 5 questions quand j'arrivais au milieu.